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How Can I Get Involved ?

As it’s been said: “There are goers and there are senders”. William Carey (the father of modern missions) once stated in his search for mission partners; “There’s a mine. I will go into the mine, but you must hold the ropes”. So we too continue to believe for mission donors/partners who can be the “senders” and help “hold the ropes” as we go into the mine to impact present and future leaders both at home and abroad. Through your support, you too can be a partner with us!

Now is the most crucial time ever in our history to reach especially the campuses! These “movers and shakers” of society must be impacted with truth found only in Jesus! Our future depends on our response today!

Here are a few ways you can get involved:


We offer from 1 month to 1 year internship programs designed to help accelerate our outreach, while also helping you maximize your talents, missions knowledge, skill set, and potential.



Strategic short-term 5-10 day mission trips that will allow you to get your “boots on the ground” at missions’ ground zero, while gaining valuable experience from seasoned mission leaders.

3. Church PARTNERS

Your local church or ministry can partner with Victory Missions to help financially support the work around the world, while also providing the platform for your church to send teams to serve at our global mission locations.


4. Business Partnership

Victory Missions has a partnership set up with businesses that can help facilitate its involvement with missionary projects and church planting around the world.

5. Family & Individual SUPPORT

The bulk of the prayer & financial support for Victory Missions and its missionaries comes from families and individuals who believe in evangelistic missionary work, and realize the dire/urgent need to impact our world for Christ! Through your missionary involvement, we together can make a real difference!